• Even after 75 years of independence rural areas of Jharkhand struggle for basic amenities

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    Even after 75 years of independence rural areas of Jharkhand struggle for basic amenities.

    Dumka: Amidst the roots of Jharkhand lies Masilya block encapsulating Suggapahadi Panchayat, where tribal people of clans like Pahadiya and Santhal are still grappling in dearth of basic facilities. The aamgachi village comprises of five habitations clubbed across the clan. There are around eighty houses in the village. Today even after twenty two years since the formation of Jharkhand state this village is struggling for basic amenities such as electricity, water and roads.

    In accordance with the ongoing campaign for electricity supply, Bijili: Aapke Adhikaar, Aapki Sarkar, Apke Dwaar, earlier in December 2021, people from the block reported in written to MLA Basant Soren about the scarcity of electricity in the village. There was no concrete response from the government even after six months. When this issue was brought to light through media, the concerned authorities installed only one transformer in Notunadih colony leaving aside other clans. This has infuriated the villagers.

    Even after so many years of independence there is not a single hand pump installed in this village for people to fetch water. The primary source of water in the village is cascade, open streams and wells that have already been contaminated. This has a direct implication on average health of the people. People are also forced to walk long distances on tough and rocky terrains in order to fetch water. The villagers have demanded installation of a deep tube well to solve the problem of water scarcity.

    The main stretch of road in aamgachi village is approximately five kilometers. The roads across the village are in a precarious state. Even the connecting bridges that cater to 2.5 km hilly area around the place are in a deteriorating condition. The people of the village identify that without proper connectivity of roads it is very difficult to travel, especially for old aged men and gravid woman. It is difficult for them to visit health centre when required. There is no reach of ambulance in case of any emergency. The students are deprived of higher education because travelling is a huge concerned without proper road connectivity.


    The villagers already raised their voice nine months ago and also rendered a written complain to the concerned authorities in Dumka. The authorities visited the village but there is not a speck of road construction progressing in the village. The concerns were also raised before the block president but no action is being taken till date. On 05th October the issues were also posted on twitter. The villagers say that even after voting for the government there no development the village. The fundamental issues of water, electricity and road connectivity have not been solved yet. 

    It is said that during the election campaigns the representatives of government extract votes against promising developments but once election is over, the promises linger in obscurity. The villagers have decided that if their demands are not fulfilled they will nullify the next election and stage protest against the government.

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