• PM Modi tied the nation into unanimous Unity: Freddy Swane

    Written By News Root| Published on Jun 29, 2023, 22:33 IST | 1688058228670
    PM Modi tied the nation into unanimous Unity Freddy Swane

    New Delhi: “Few words will not suffice, I need to speak volumes about this Great Inspirational Personality said Freddy Swane, Ambassador of Denmark to India. He said, I see a great Visionary Personality in Modi. You can be critical about this Indian Personality but you need to realize the fact that He has given his life to the Nation.  He has tried to tie the entire Nation of varied diversity into one unanimous Unity.

    He was speaking on the occasion of the Event Organized by Pradhan Mantri Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan at Constitution Club of India on completion of Nine Glorious Years of Modi. Freddy also thanked the National Convenor Prem Kumar for inviting Him to speak about Prime Minister Modi. 

    On this occasion the Former Chairman of Railway Board  Passenger Service Comittee , Ramesh Chandra Ratan said that he too is the worker of the team of Narandra Modi, I see that the Prime Minister has tied the entire Nation  in one bond of Unity. Our Prime Minister has not left any stone unturned to make the Nation self reliant.

    The National Spokesperson & Convenor of Atmanirbhar Bharat Prem Kumar said "I was working in Bollywood but the speech of our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji changed the Course of my life I took a oath of serving my Country after pursuing politics. The transforming foundation laid by the Prime Minister, I am totally involved in bringing the Prime ministers Dream to Reality in my capacity.

    Prem kumar has been a renowned Radio Jockey and Bollywood Anchor. Kumar who has been the Leader of Students Union in Mumbai is directly connected with the youth of the Country from Grass Root level. He highlighted the glorious achievements of Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modiji. The Greatest highlight being the connectivity of the most interior Villages of India with internet, through digitalisation, the dream of digital India of PM Modi, making banking most simple and operative.

    Even the villagers have started paying through Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm through UPI thus reaching and connecting Banks to every common man of India. The Connectivity of Indian Railways, increasing frequency, making travel a memorable experience, connecting internet to every village is a herculean task which is accomplished by Narendra Modi Govt .

    The people who had gathered from all walks of life and from all States of the Country spoke in high esteem for the new found voice of the younger Generation of our Country, Prem Kumar who held the people gathered on the occasion under his spell of his oratory and assured the people gathered that Pradhan mantri Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan has plans of reaching India in every corner of our Country standing by the vision of our Prime Minister.

    Chairperson, Haryana State Commission For Women Renuka Bhatia said under the Scheme of Pradhanmantri Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan has special emphasis on the self reliance of the women in every nook and corner of the country. She said when Youngsters like Prem Kumar renounces everything at a young age and on call of our Prime Minister leave everything, we feel proud from within. 

    Kapil Varma said through MSME our Prime Minister has reached the benefits to crores of people in our Country. He said we are proud to see Youngsters plunge into the service of the Nation. On this Ocassion,  Labour Leader Anand Sahu said to make our Nation Self Reliant our Prime Minister has attracted Foreign Direct Investment. Ramesh Chandra Ratan was Awarded Life Time Achievement Award on this memorable occasion.  

    Renowned Personalities like Krishna Prasad , International rock painting artist Subodh Nemlekar, Adv. Akhikesh Dubey from Ayodhya desired the reality of transformation happing in his native district Surendra Das, Nageshwar Kumar, Hrishida Thakur, Muneeb Chourasiya, Ravi Sainee Manjulata , Nisha Pandey and many others were present and the entire cent was hosted by renowned Shashi Pandey and financial expert Punit Bareja were present on the occasion.

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