• Panchayati Raj Director Nisha Oraon to visit Padariya Panchayat 

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Updated: Feb 9, 2023, 20:30 IST | 1675954824620
    Panchayati Raj Director Nisha Oraon to visit Padariya Panchayat 

    Ranchi: Indian Revenue Service officer Nisha Oraon took charge as the Director of Panchayati Raj. As soon as he took charge, she accepted the request of Kiran Kumari, deputy head of Gram Panchayat Padariya and assured her that she will definitely go to the panchayat. 

    It is being said that for the first time a Panchayati Raj director will visit Padariya Gram Panchayat of Birni block.
    Earlier, CSC Operator Kiran Kumari congratulated the Director of Panchayati Raj by tweeting and asked if I can contact you regarding the problem of my Gram Panchayat and also invited the Director to come to her Gram Panchayat, so that she can see the problems and solve it. 

    Responding to Kiran immediately, Nisha Oraon said that she would definitely come. It may be stated here that Kiran Kumari, the CSC operator of Vridan of Padariya Panchayat, became the ward member unopposed and has also registered an unopposed victory in the deputy chief election. Along with this, he has been honored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for better work in Digital India.

    Kiran said, I want to work towards furthering the program dedicated to cleanliness and health. Along with this, I am dedicated to manufacturing of sanitary pads by rural women and making self-help groups self-reliant.

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