• Bihar IAS officer uses abusive language during meeting, Gaya officials demand action

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Updated: Feb 4, 2023, 13:08 IST | 1675496311834
    Bihar IAS officer uses abusive language during meeting; Gaya officials demand action

    GAYA: Members of the Bihar Administrative Service Association (BASA) have demanded that the state’s senior IAS officer K K Pathak be sacked for allegedly using abusive language against them and the people of Bihar during a meeting, a video clipping of which has gone viral, said BASA Secretary Gaya Inderveer Kumar. 
    Secretary of the Association, Gaya Inderveer Kumar said they also lodged a complaint against Pathak, an additional chief secretary rank officer, with the police.
    In Gaya Collectorate premises, Bihar Administrative Service officials protested against KK Pathak, Principal Secretary of Prohibition Department, by bringing black badges. During this, the office bearers of Basa kept silence for 3 minutes and they worked by wearing black bands throughout the day.
    It may be noted that a video of KK Pathak went viral in the past, in which a case of abusing junior officers by him in his own office came to the fore and this video went viral. An FIR has also been lodged by the state general secretary of Basa regarding such videos. 
    The office bearers of Basa have decided that on Friday they will work wearing black bands throughout the day and KK Pathak will protest against the episode.
    In this regard, President of Gaya District Basa unit, Adl Collector Manoj Kumar told that today the work is being done by the officers of Bihar Administrative Service wearing black bands in Gaya. 
    He also sold that for the sanity of the Principal Secretary of Madh Prohibition Department, 3 minutes silence has also been kept. All the office bearers of Basa will work by wearing black bands throughout the day.  
    Additional Collector Manoj Kumar said that it should be informed that a video of KK Pathak, Principal Secretary of the Prohibition Department, has gone viral, in which indecent remarks have been made against the people of Bihar.
    We the members of BASA, Gaya unit weared black badges on Friday as a mark of protest against cancellation of the registration of their association and also we have been submitted a memorandum to Gaya DM Tayagrajan SM, said SDM Inderveer Kumar. 
    “A video of Pathak has gone viral on social media where he can be seen using abusive language against the officers present at a meeting held through video conferencing. Pathak seemed furious against government officers and people of the state,” BASA Secretary Inderveer Kumar told News Root.
    Pathak is holding the posts of Additional Chief Secretary, Prohibition Excise and Registration department (Excise), and the Director General of Bihar Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development (BIPARD).
    However, the BIPARD in a statement said, “The DG has expressed his regret for using certain objectionable words against BASA officers as shown in the video.” In the viral video, Pathak was seen talking about the traffic woes of Patna, the capital of Bihar.
    “Have you ever seen anyone honking on the road when the signal is red? But on Bailey Road in Patna, people keep on honking at the red light. People follow rules in Chennai. I will reprimand the deputy collectors,” KK Pathak is seen speaking in the clipping.
    SDM cum Secretary of BASA claimed that Pathak was annoyed with office- bearers of BASA as they had protested against him because of “mismanagement” during a training session organised by BIPARD in November last year in Gaya for the probationer deputy collectors.
    “Pathak was miffed with BASA and probationer deputy collectors following the protest and he cancelled the registration of BASA,”Kumar said.

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