• Workshop on "Save the Children" was organized by Block Child Development Project, Gaya

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Oct 13, 2022, 09:45 IST | 1665634516559
    Workshop on "Save the Children" was organized by Block Child Development Project, Gaya

    GAYA(Bihar): Along with nutrition and proper physical development of children, it is important to promote their ability to learn in easy ways.  Continuous efforts are being made by the Integrated Child Development Project Department for better health and education of children in the district.  It also includes the destiny training of Child Block Child Development Project Officers.  In this sequence, training was given to CDPOs of all the blocks at a private hotel in Bodh Gaya on Wednesday.  

    The training was given by Save the Children organization.  On this occasion, District Program Officer Bharti Priyambada and District Coordinator Saba Sultana along with Assistant Manager of Save the Children Ghazala Shaheen and CDPOs of Blocks were present.


    Workshop on

    The District Program Officer said that with the help of Save the Children organization, the capacity building of CDPOs of all the blocks has been done.  Under the Back to Basics project, a workshop on Ready to Learn Foundational Literacy and Numeracy was organized on Wednesday.  With the help of this workshop, CDPOs will work to increase literacy among children visiting Anganwadi in their blocks and make subjects like maths easier.

    New education rules made for children were also discussed during the workshop.  Four types of development of children in which mental and physical development are the main ones were discussed. It was told that the objective of the workshop is to enhance the capacity of CDPOs and develop their physical, mental, social and emotional development through education, sports, entertainment and cultural activities of the children. During the workshop, information was given on the early learning ability and development of children etc.

    Assistant Manager Ghazala Shaheen said during the workshop that the early moments of children are important, which affects their entire life.  With birth, the baby's brain develops rapidly and his physical, mental and emotional health, ability to learn are affected by the surrounding environment.  There is a need to improve the foundation of children till they are from zero to eight years.  Therefore, early child education and development works to improve the lives of children at every level.  The aim of the workshop is to ensure this right of all young children.

    With all this, proper nutrition of children and their physical and mental development were also discussed in this.  It was told that proper care of children is necessary and regular monitoring of the health of children visiting Anganwadi centers is necessary. Nutrition is an important element in early child development and it affects all types of development.

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