• With Modi at helm, people needn't be afraid of Lalu-Nitish: Shah

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    With Modi at helm, people needn't be afraid of Lalu-Nitish: Shah

    Patna: Union Home Minister Amit Shah during Jana Bhawana rally in Bihar's Purnea on Friday said the people should not be afraid of RJD chief Lalu Prasad and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar as Narendra Modi was sitting in the Centre, adding that the two leaders were feeling uneasy due to his arrival in the Seemanchal region. "When my rally was scheduled in Purnea, Lalu Ji and Nitish Babu said that I will create tension in the community. I want to say that Lalu Ji is an expert in flaring up tension and fighting in the society ... The way people of the four districts of Seemanchal turned out in Purnea in large numbers, it is a warning to Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav for running an immoral government in Bihar," Shah said.

    "PM Narendra Modi, during the 2020 Assembly election promised Nitish Kumar the post of chief minister of Bihar. The election was contested on his name and we won. Then what did Nitish Babu do, he cheated the mandate of Bihar and sat in the lap of Lalu Prasad Yadav. After the formation of a new government, they have forced the people of Bihar into jungle Raj. The crime graph is rising and they are blamed for the conspiracy against their government. I want to tell them that who is stopping them to arrest the conspirators? Go and arrest them, it is your government now," Shah said.

    "The government of Lalu Ji and Nitish Babu has created fear. I want to tell the people of Seemanchal that Narendra Modi is sitting above them in the Centre. So don't be afraid of the government of these two leaders," Shah said.

    "BJP has kicked off the political campaign of Lok Sabha 2024 from Purnea and will form the government again in the Centre under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Nitish Kumar is dreaming for the post of prime minister of the country. I want to tell him that cheating other political parties cannot help you to become prime minister of the country. The Prime minister's post would be achieved by doing the service for the nation and keeping the security of the country intact. Narendra Modi has been doing well for the country and hence he is the prime minister of the country," Shah said.

    "Nitish Kumar cheated his senior leader George Fernandez, then Sharad Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan, Jitan Ram Manjhi, Lalu Yadav, BJP. Now again he went to Lalu Prasad Yadav to form the government in Bihar. That proves that he can breach the mandate of people anytime to remain intact in the post of chief minister. I want to warn Lalu Ji to be alert with Nitish Babu. He may cheat you as well and go with the Congress party to achieve the post of prime minister," Shah said.

    "The pair of Lalu Ji and Nitish Babu cheated everyone and forced Bihar into Jungle Raj. The people of Bihar will white wash the parties of these two leaders in Bihar and give complete mandate to the BJP in 2024. Once the 2024 Lok Sabha comes in our favour, no one could stop us from making a full-fledged BJP government of the BJP in Bihar in 2025," Shah said.

    "People of Bihar have to remember the violence, kidnapping, murders in daylight in the past. What was the situation of Naxalism in Bihar and adjoining Jharkhand. In the last three years, Narendra Modi wiped out Naxalism from Chakbandha and Bhimbandh areas. The Leftist Naxalism is almost wiped out from these two states," Shah said. "The people of Bihar have given the vote to BJP, but they always make a handicap government (Langdi Sarkar). I want to appeal to the people of Bihar to give us full mandate in 2024, I assure you that Bihar will go on the development path," Shah said.

    "The Narendra Modi government of the Centre has sanctioned Rs 1.35 lakh crore for Bihar in the past for several rail, road and airport projects. The airport in Purnea is a prime example of it," Shsh said. Shah arrived at Purnea airport at 9 a.m. and went straight to the Mata Puran Devi temple for the blessings. After that he addressed a rally in Purnea and will go to Kishanganj for another rally on Saturday.

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