• The priest started doing obscene acts with the woman, the woman protested and priest fled

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Updated: Oct 9, 2022, 13:46 IST | 1665303401774
    The priest started doing obscene acts with the woman, the woman protested and priest fled

    GAYA(Bihar): A 30-year-old woman filed a complaint of molestation against a tantric Ravi Chakarbarty, who allegedly stripped her and molesting her on the pretext of a ritual to ward off a bad omen.While Civil line police, could  not be arrested the tantric. While the entire matter was handed over to Mahila police station, Chandauti. The woman said to be resident of  Patna.


    A case of molestation with a woman has come to light by the priest of Maa Kali Bari temple located in Kalibali locality within  limits of the Civil Line police station area of ​​the city. The priest fled after the incident, while the woman is said to be a resident of Patna district.


    While talking to the "News Root" Gaya SSP Harpreet Kaur said that till late night, on Saturday-Sunday under the leadership of the Mahila police station in-charge, Ravi Ranjana, raids were conducted for his search at many places of Gaya and its surrounding sites but he has managed to escape, although he will soon be arrested, anyway.



    But any women should avoid such type of people and should stay away from evils like superstition. If you are suffering from any disease, then she should visit the doctor so that you can get the right treatment, added SSP Harpreet Kaur. 

    Sources said that the woman had come to the Kalibari temple to get the dust blown recently. However the priest of the temple started doing obscene acts in the name of exorcism, which the woman protested.

    In the same sequence, after such actions  of the priest, she started making noise, after which the local people reached the spot. Seeing there, a large crowd of local people gathered and blocked the road in protest. At the same time, the accused started demanding the arrest of the priest.




    On the information of the incident, the police of Civil Line police station reached the spot and pacified the agitated people. Police is conducting raids to arrest the accused priest. While priest after has been identified as Ravi Chakraborty found absconding.


    In this regard, Civil Line Station Officer Abdul Ghaffar said that the priest of the temple located at Kali Bali, Ravi Chakraborty has been make accused by the woman of molesting her and the woman had come from Patna to exorcise.

    In this sequence, in the name of exorcism, the priest started doing obscene acts, which the woman protested. Police of Civil Line Police Station reached the spot and took action. However, accused priest Ravi Chakraborty escaped from the spot. At present, the matter has been handed over to the Mahila Police Station, Chandauti Gaya.

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