• The mob burnt the woman alive, the village court became a mute spectator in Gaya's Dumariya

    Written By Suresh Nikhar| Published on Nov 6, 2022, 10:13 IST | 1667709787448
    The mob burnt the woman alive, the village court became a mute spectator in Gaya's Dumariya

    GAYA(Bihar): Superstition is a belief that has no valid reason. The traditions, beliefs that a small child has been seeing and hearing since childhood in his home, family and society, he also starts following them literally. This superstition leaves such a deep effect in his mind that he cannot come out of these superstitions throughout his life.

    Superstition is mostly seen in people of weak personality, weak psychology and weak mentality.  

    Most of the people who have failed in life start believing in superstitions and believe that they may become successful only by following and following these superstitions.Superstition is mostly only seen in uneducated and low income group people.
    A living example of this was seen on Saturday at Panchwa village of Shevra, panchayat under Magra police station of Dumaria block of Gaya district, where
    45 year old- aged woman was badly thrashed and burned alive in her house at Panchmah village under Maigra police station area in Bihar's Gaya district on Saturday afternoon for allegedly practising witchcraft.
    This matter was a dispute between Chandradev Bhuiyan of the village itself for about a month over the allegation of witch ojha. Where Chandradev Bhuyan's son had died of illness around one month ago but due to lack of awareness, Chandradev Bhuiyan came under superstition and did not get treatment for his son's illness and kept doing the dusting near the exorcist in which his son dies.
    After which Chandradev kept accusing Rita Devi wife of Arjun Das of the same village itself and kept beating his family. After which the matter went to the Gram Panchayat Court while reading same a meeting was held on 5th November ie Saturday. 
    Where huge villagers gathered from both the sides and one exorcist was brought from both the sides. Chandradev Bhuyan Paksha's Ojha had challenged that Rita Devi is a witch and i will make naked in the whole society. To see the charisma of such an exorcist, not only a village but a crowd of the entire panchayat gathered. 
    Where Chandradev Bhuyan's exorcist started running back from his challenge. Then the five present in the village court saw that the atmosphere would get spoiled.
    After which the Magra police station was called and after reaching the police, the crowd calmed down for some time. Arjun Das, husband of the deceased Rita Devi and his son told that the crowd around hundred reached our house with sticks, spear swords, where my wife closed the house after seeing the crowd. After which the mob started breaking the door of my house.  
    Later they broke down the window of the house and entered our house and started beating my wife with a stick, spraying petrol and setting her on fire alive.  
    They told that we kept watching all the spectacle by moving away, where the police reached during the incident and attacked the police car too. In which the police vehicle was also found damaged.
    He told that whatever family came to my house and they have all been beaten up badly and got everyone injured. 
    Simultaneously, the whole house was set on fire. There, after getting information about the incident, Imamganj DSP reached the spot with the entire force, where Rita Devi was also shocked to see her burnt in the fire.  
    He said that those who are guilty will be arrested after taking prompt action against them and will work to get them the harshest punishment.  
    On the occasion, Magra police station, Dumaria police station, Bhadwar police station, Chhakarbandha police station, Kothi police station including Imamganj police station and Dumaria circle officer Kausar Imam were reached on the spot where the woman burnt alive in superstition but even the police could not save her.
    In this regard, Gaya SSP Harprit Kaur said that this incident is shameful and the perpetrators of this incident will be punished. However, the police have arrested 9 women and soon all the culprits will be arrested. It is the result of the evils spread in the society.

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