• The dead body of a laborer was found from the tank of Sudha Dairy in Gaya

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Updated: Oct 9, 2022, 07:48 IST | 1665281920842
     The dead body of a laborer was found from the tank of Sudha Dairy in Gaya.

    GAYA(Bihar): In Bihar's Gaya district, on Friday evening, an atmosphere of fear was created among the people due to the discovery of the dead body of a laborer working in Sudha Dairy from the waste water tank of Sudha Dairy located in Katari Hill.  After a lot of effort, the body was pulled out of the tank.


    Local people took the dead body to the hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead.  The deceased was identified as Bhola Nat, son of Lala Nat, a resident of Dahi Vigha in Chakand police station area.

    On the other hand, the relatives say that he was missing from the house on 6 October, while the administration reached the spot after getting information about the incident and took out the body and sent it to Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College for post-mortem.

    Family members told that on October 6, Doman Nut had gone to Dairy from home and did not return home till late in the night, only then people started worrying when news came from Sudha Dairy that the body of your son was found from the water tank.  Nor was there anyone present near the tank at the time when this accident happened.  At present the police is investigating the incident.
    The relatives alleged that due to the negligence of the dairy management, Bhola Nat lost his life.  Dairy Management is not ready to say anything on the death of Bhola Nut.

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