• The ashes of former Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav immersed in the Falgu river in Gaya

    Written By Suresh Nikhar| Published on Oct 20, 2022, 19:22 IST | 1666273953664
    The ashes of former Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav immersed in the Falgu river in Gaya.

    GAYA(Bihar): The ashes of the former Chief Minister of UP Mulayam Singh Yadav were immersed in the Falgu river, tribute and prayer meeting was organized at Gandhi Mandap in Gaya in which many dignitaries of the city were attended and pay their tribute.

    After the tribute meeting, people reached Sitakund while taking out the ashes kalash yatra, where his ashes were immersed in the holy Falgu river near Sitakund,said former MLA Vinod Yadvendu.

    On this occasion, Vice President of Zilla Parishad, Sheetal Prasad Yadav said that a tribute and prayer meeting programme has been organized in the memory of late Mulayam Singh Yadav, former Defense Minister of the Government of India and former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.  Where we have paid tribute to him by garlanding his picture.

    He said that his ashes have been brought to Gaya from Saifai by SP leader Ramchandra Prasad Yadav and we have immersed his ashes near Sitakund Pindvedi of Falgu river.  During this prayer meeting has been organized.  In which apart from various political parties, many dignitaries of the city have participated.

    He said that we demand from the Government of India that his statue should be installed across the country and the statue of late Yadav will also be unveiled in Gaya district.

    In this regard, we are making a programme to submit a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Bihar as well as Prime Minister of the country and also today we are praying that God rest his soul.  His ashes have been brought to the holy land of Gaya and which was last seen by the people of the city.  Along with this, people have expressed their reverence.

    On this occasion, former MLA Dr. Vinod Kumar Yadav, Hindustani Awam Morcha National Vice President Rameshwar Yadav, Hum Party Metropolitan District President Mukesh Chaudhary, former Deputy Mayor Jitendra Prasad Yadav, Vijay Yadav, Nandini Dairy proprietor Santosh Yadav, Anil Yadav, including Kumar Jitendra.  Many dignitaries were present.

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