• The Just Transition Task Force held first meeting to set priorities and goal

    Written By News Root| Published on Nov 21, 2022, 19:57 IST | 1669040839018
    The Just Transition Task Force held first meeting to set priorities and goals

    Ranchi: The Task Force for Sustainable Just Transition held its first meeting at Palash Bhavan today with inter- departmental representations to set the priorities and goals in accordance with the mandate stated by the Government of Jharkhand. 

    The meeting was attended by officials of the various departments who deliberated upon the objectives of the task force and expressed their commitment to support the initiative taken by the Government of Jharkhand to develop the sustainable development roadmap for Jharkhand. 

    In the meeting, a draft Term of Reference (TOR) was shared by the task force’s chairman A. K. Rastogi and based on deliberation it was agreed upon to consult various stakeholders to finalise the TOR by the end of January. 

    It was agreed that apart from one to one meeting with key departments and agencies, a series of consultations with key stakeholders such as industries and business sectors, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), think- tanks, civil society organisations and communities will be organised.

    Speaking on the occasion, A. K. Rastogi (IFS, Retd.), Chairman of the Task Force on Sustainable Just Transition said that, “It is heartening to note that Jharkhand has taken a formidable step to prepare the state for a transition towards a green and sustainable model of development. 

    With net- zerotargets and sustainable development goals in mind, it will regularly consult and on board all stakeholders to prepare a roadmap on a low carbon development pathway in the state.”

    It is mention- worthy that theGovernment of Jharkhand has constituted the Task Force on 4 November, 2022 in light of achieving India’s net-zero emission target by 2070.The main objective of the Task Force is to study the effects of transition from fossil fuel based to non- fossil based ecosystem, assess the magnitude of nature of accelerated phase out of coal mines/industries and its impact on the economy, workers and communities, identify new opportunities in green sectors and sustainable financing, and further recommend policy intervention at cross sectoral level to move towards new ecosystem on low carbon pathways. It will also prepare an action plan for identified coal bearing and dependent districts and submit an alternative development roadmap report to the Government of Jharkhand.

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