• The District Magistrate gave instructions to all the station presidents and sub-divisional officers Sadar

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Updated: Oct 1, 2022, 15:23 IST | 1664618015338
    The District Magistrate gave instructions to all the station presidents and sub-divisional officers Sadar

    GAYA(Bihar): In view of the upcoming Durga Puja festival, the district level under the chairmanship of District Magistrate, Gaya Dr. Thiagarajan SM and Senior Superintendent of Police Harpreet Kaur, with law and order and peace and mutual brotherhood in the district, should be completed in a happy atmosphere.

    While meeting with the Puja Organizing Committees, Peace Committee members and other dignitaries, many necessary suggestions were taken and many necessary instructions were given by the administration to all the organizers and members of the Peace Committee. Addressing the meeting, the DM gave clear instructions that all peace committee members and organizers will ensure to be present in their respective areas during idol immersion.

    It was informed in the meeting that about 100 to 110 idols are being installed from Gaya urban area. While the DM instructed all the police station in-Charge and sub-divisional officers Sadar that from which area, at what time and on which date and by which route the idol will be immersed, keep all the details related to the police station ready so that there is no problem at the time of immersion.  

    He instructed the organizers of all the Puja pandals to make their Puja pandals with full strength, along with public address system, CCTV cameras, adequate lighting arrangements, in case of fire under any circumstances, extensive arrangements for fire prevention etc. are mandatory and  must be kept etc.

    While holding a meeting with the organizers of five sitting together near the Dukharni temple, he fixed the responsibility and said that the idols near the Dukharni temple should be immersed within the time limit, as well as keeping the idols in the sensitive area for a long time, do not raise slogans unnecessarily.  

    Extensive lighting arrangements will be made by the administration near the Dukh Harni temple, arrangements for barricading have also been made at places.  While stopping the statue at one place without any reason, giving it the form of a jam, keeping a special eye on gathering the crowd, etc., kept on regulating the crowd continuously. All the organizing committees should fully comply with their responsibilities.

    However the District Magistrate directed the Municipal Commissioner to ensure adequate cleanliness arrangements near the Dukharni temple and gave strict instructions to all the organizing committees that not a single idol would be installed without a license, along with it, along with the organizer, while taking the license, make sure to give the names of 10 volunteers.  

    All the peace committee members should ensure that the upcoming Durga Puja also passes in the same peaceful atmosphere.

    While addressing the meeting, Senior Superintendent of Police Harpreet Kaur said that Durga Puja is a festival of faith and should be celebrated with the same faith and reverence.  In view of the festival, strict arrangements have been made towards patrolling so that even a small incident does not happen anywhere.

    She said that the display of weapons during idol immersion is completely banned under any circumstances, along with the DJ has been also been kept completely closed.

    She said that if there is any objectionable photo or video on any social site like WhatsApp group, Facebook, etc. or some news which hurts any communal sentiment, in that case action will be taken against the group admin as well please  keep in mind.  All the organizers must keep proper arrangements for crowd control near their respective puja pandals.

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