• The Commandant Award Ceremony organised in Gaya Officers Training Academy (OTA)

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Dec 6, 2022, 20:01 IST | 1670337100461
    The Commandant Award Ceremony organised in Gaya Officers Training Academy (OTA)

    GAYA(Bihar): Commandant Award Ceremony was organised in the premises of Gaya Officers Training Academy (OTA). In which the Gentleman Cadets who performed better during the training were honored by Lt Gen Paramjit Singh Minhas, Commandant, OTA.
    In the same sequence, many senior officers and gentleman cadets of OTA were present, it is worth noting that on coming December 10, the 22nd Passing Out Parade will be organized in the same premises of OTA. In which a total of 69 Gentleman Cadets will pass out, while the eight cadets included 5 cadets from Bhutan, 2 from Sri Lanka and one from Vietnam.
    General Officer Commanding in Chief of Army Training, Lt Gen Surinder Singh Mahal will be involved in the programme as a review officer. On December 9, a multi-activity display will be also organised in the premises of OTA. In which gymnastics, horse-show, sky diving, motorcycle dare devils show, spectacular presentation of Malkhamb will be present by the jawans.
    Addressing the same award ceremony, OTA Commandant Lt Gen Paramjit Singh Minhas congratulated the cadets for their bright future.
    He said that a different beginning of your life is going to start from today and in the coming time you will become a military officer, as well as you have performed better during the training, apart from this, after the passing out parade, after getting training in other institutions of the country, you will be successful in various institutions. I wish to become an officer, for this we extend our best wishes.
    You can become a better officer only by working hard, you have got a chance to serve the country. Wherever you give your service, patriotism should be at the forefront. One should never give up in life, because there is light only after darkness,added Commandant Lt Gen Paramjit Singh Minhas.
    Do not let yourself get discouraged under any circumstances and your work should be such that the country should be proud of you and always discipline yourself,further added Minhas.

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