• "Republic Day" celebrated Gaya's Magadha Higher Secondary School

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Jan 25, 2023, 21:57 IST | 1674664061827
    "Republic Day" celebrated Gaya's Magadha Higher Secondary School.

    GAYA: Today on Wednesday morning in the auditorium of Magadh Higher Secondary School, Gandhiji Nagar, Kujapi (Gaya) the auspicious occasion of "Republic Day" was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the little children of the play- group.
    The programme was started by Principal of the school Praveen Ranjan Gandhi, Chairman of NGO "Council of Magadh Women Empowerment" Naveen Ranjan and Secretary Ms. Tamkanat, Eminent dentist of the district Dr. Sanjay Kumar, General and Family Physician Dr. Pradeep came as guests and the lamp was jointly lit by Kumar, Kujapi Panchayat Up Mukhiya Poonam Devi, Surbhi Sanstha President Sushri Surbhi and Jeevika Didi Rakhi Devi.
    The guests who came to the programme were welcomed by presenting clothes, souvenirs, and bouquets. In this, mainly patriotic, solo dance, group dance, speech competition and presentation of glimpses and short dramas related to the national symbol, in which.
    While the presentation were seen included little Alijah, Diva, Yashraj, Golu, Priyanjan, Shivani, Shrishti, Darku, Gaurav, Vaibhav, Anushka, etc. enthralled the hearts of hundreds of parents along with the guests by giving a charming presentation.
    On the occasion, Principal Praveen Gandhi said that "This is an important occasion to remember the immortal martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the difficult struggle for the freedom of the country. Come, let us take a pledge to dedicate our all for the protection and progress of our nation,added principle.
    Dr. Sanjay Kumar, who came as a guest, said in his address that this school lays special emphasis on multifaceted development of the students along with bookish knowledge, whose glimpse was seen today.
    In same sequence, Dr. Pradeep Kumar said in his address that "We will sing the saga of peace, peace and education, honoring the heroes and salutations to Mother India. This is how we celebrate Republic Day. Naveen Ranjan, president of the NGO, said that India is proud of its patriotism, religious It is famous all over the world for its social and historical festivals.
    Stage operation was done by Sonali Anjali Jaan and vote of thanks was done by Ms. Tamkanat. Along with this, Smita, Rekha, Manorama, Baby, Anita, Rashmi, Annu, Simple, Sanjana etc. played the main role in making the programme successful.

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