• "RPF is committed to provide “security with compassion” to 23 million passengers traveling by Railways every day

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Oct 5, 2022, 18:44 IST | 1664975687534
    "RPF is committed to provide “security with compassion” to 23 million passengers traveling by Railways every day

    GAYA(Bihar): With a view to provide safe and comfortable journey, RPF personnel assist the elderly citizens, women, physically disabled and provide amenities like wheelchairs, stretchers, medical help, ambulances, Infant food etc. under operation “SEWA”. During the month of September 2022, approximately 9000 such passengers in need of help were assisted during their train journey, said IG rail Hazipur S.C.Parhi.

    While talking to news Root English  edition IG,S.C.Parhi said that RPF has played an important role in rescuing persons lost or having run away from their homes or disoriented due to certain reason or distressed and in need of care and protection. They are vulnerable for getting exploited or trafficked and are under the risk of serious bodily harm, if not secured in time.

    The force personnel worked selflessly to provide timely intervention under code name “Operation Dignity” and secured 427 adults (223 Men + 204 Women) during the month of September 2022.

    RPF personnel under the code name “Operation Nanhe Fariste” undertake the noble cause of identifying and rescuing children lost/runaway/separated from their family due to various reasons and in need of care & protection. During the month of September 2022, 1119 children were rescued,added IG.

    RPF personnel go beyond the call of duty risking their own lives to save other lives. There are incidents wherein passengers trying to board/de-board a moving train, slip and fall with the risk of coming under the wheels of running train. In other instances, the individuals with suicidal tendency come in front of running train with intention to end their lives.

    RPF personnel lookout for such cases and intervene in the nick of time to save precious lives. Under mission “Jeevan Raksha” RPF personnel saved 115 (72 Male + 43 Female) during  September 2022, running the grave risk to their own lives.

    IG rail said that RPF personnel, especially lady RPF personnel, go out of the way to help pregnant women passengers, experiencing labor pain during their train journey under “Operation Matrishakti”. During the month of Sep-2022, they provided assistance to 32 such women passengers and were instrumental in bringing their infants to this beautiful world.

    Giving blood is a uniquely powerful act. Every instance of blood donation improves or saves lives and enhances social solidarity. It sends a powerful message of mutual co-existence and showcases the unconditional service to Humanity. As part of month long SAMSAR (SAMAJIK SAROKAR) drive, Railway Protection Force conducted a Mega Blood Donation programme on 17th and 20th September 2022, on the special occasion of Railway Protection Force Raising Day.

    Contributing in this noble service, Minister of Railways, Communications and Electronics & Information Technology, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw also donated blood to encourage more potential donors. Under this Mega Blood Donation programme, 3946 RPF personnel along with 829 other volunteers donated blood in the camp organized by RPF,added IG.

    RPF has been doing its bit to fulfil its social commitment as “Citizens in Uniform”. It will continue to act with empathy in our endeavor to provide “security with compassion” to 23 million passengers traveling by Railways every day.

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