• Police embrace QR code-based beat system at Bodh Gaya

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Jan 20, 2023, 14:44 IST | 1674206099498
    Police embrace QR code-based beat system at BodhGaya.

    GAYA: As many as 46 beat points spread across the Bodhcity and rural areas have embraced the QR code-based e-beat system.
    Under the new system, the patrolling teams of BodhGaya police will have scan-through QR codes installed across the district.
    Officers in charge of the concerned police stations will have to maintain data on the scanning of the QR codes coupled with close monitoring by the senior officers so that the patrolling parties cannot evade their duty.
    SSP, Gaya Ashish Bharti launched smart policing through a QR code scanning system at the Composite Control Room (CCR) in BodhGaya  
    On this occasion, city SP, Ashok Prasad, and ASP,Bharat Soni, City DySP P.N. Sahu and an IT professional, from Patna were present beside scores of police officers and constables.
    Under the previous conventional logbook system, beat police had to manually record their movements via swiping machines installed along their respective beats. In the old system, there was scope for manipulation as there was no proper monitoring, said police officials.
    With the new system, beat police have to scan QR codes placed along their routes with their mobile phones. The app uses face recognition and allows police officers to download photos and write remarks for better and quick response. The system can also be monitored on a real-time basis from the control room.
    As soon as the beat policeman scans the code, the officer in-charge will not only get a confirmation, but will also be able to track his or her movement through GPS. The remarks recorded in the app can be stored and analysed for future policing and planning.
    During the launching of the new system,SSP informed that initially 46 QR codes have been installed at BodhGaya.
    The QR codes have been set up at leading, BodhGaya temple, jewellery shops, banks and hotels where patrolling parties have to keep a tab on a regular basis.
    The senior SSP stated that the number of such QR codes will be increased to shortly across the district so that businessmen, banks, schools and other educational institutions can be made safer by flawless police patrolling.

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