• Missing boy gets reunited with parents in Gaya, after three days

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Jan 8, 2023, 10:20 IST | 1673153432206
    Missing boy gets reunited with parents in Gaya, after three days

    GAYA: An 8-year-old child, who was separated from his parents was reunited at his grandparents' house at Manjhiyanwa village under Wazirganj police station of the district with the help of joint tireless and continuous efforts of Dr. Ramanuj Maharaj, Founder President of Swab Sanstha, Co-Human Rights and Women and Child Development Organization's Bihar State Organization Secretary-cum-philanthropist, Chittaranjan Singh, Founder President of Annushree Global Foundation, Satyanand Kumar, Assistant Director of ACIB, who managed to trace the parents and reunited them.
    The reach of above said team of social organisation proved to be the hero in a missing case after an 8 year old boy was successfully reunited with his parents, bringing a happy ending to the story. The police and social workers also played vital roles in ensuring that the boy was back with his parents within three days.
    It is being told that these four people were trying for the last 3 days to introduce 8-year-old Arjun's son of Munna Rajvanshi to his parents. On asking the child, he was able to tell only his own and his father's name, but on asking the address of the house, he used to tell only the height.
    It is to be known that Mithlesh Singh, the driver of Chetak bus running from Hariharganj to Kolkata, stopped his bus at Line Hotel in Dhanbad at around ten o'clock on the night of 4 th January 2023 for the passengers to have food. 
    In this sequence, he saw that a small child was wandering here and there in a sick state and after a while got into his bus. On enquiry, it was found that the child was traveling with his parents and got separated from his parents during the journey itself.
    According to Satyanand Kumar, one Mithlesh Singh, who contacted his nephew Chittaranjan Kumar Singh living in Gaya and told him everything.
    Soon after getting an information, Chittaranjan contacted Dr. Ramanuj Maharaj and Amit Kumar Singh of Khoj News and urged that together we should give a child its rightful guardian.  
    Then after listening to Chittaranjan's words, everyone together contacted Hisua police station and apprised them about everything, Hisua police station in-charge tried to find out many houses from his level but could not find out. 
    Meanwhile Dr. Maharaj, on the advice of Gaya's medical station in-charge Shailesh Kumar, along with his other three companions, took the child to Tungi and contacted the head of the village, the sarpanch and other people's representatives, then it came to know that the child was in Jamuan village of Wazirganj police station and the child was safely handed over to his maternal grandfather Karu Rajvanshi in front of Jamuwan Panchayat head, sarpanch and other villagers in the information of Wazirganj police station in-charge.
    For this noble work, the local people's representative and all the villagers praised with hearty congratulations and best wishes.

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