• Maintaining law and order is Gaya during Chhath festival, administration's top priority: DM

    Written By Suresh Nikhar| Published on Oct 29, 2022, 15:56 IST | 1667039167892
    Maintaining law and order is Gaya during Chhath festival, administration's top priority: DM

    GAYA(Bihar): In order to maintain security, law and order and peace and order on the occasion of Kartik Chhath Mahaparv 2022, a briefing was held with deputed magistrates and police officers in the Police lines premises under the joint chairmanship of DM and SSP here on Saturday. 

    While addressing the briefing, the DM gave clear instructions that after the last two years, Chhath festival is being celebrated in a grand manner, so there is every possibility of crowd on all the Chhath Ghats.  He has directed all the deputed magistrates and police officers to continue doing necessary work for crowd control while being present at their respective deputation sites.  

    The DM Dr Tayagrajan SM said that in view of the availability of clean water in the Jharkhandi Ghat located in Dandibagh, a new ghat has been constructed behind the Ayurvedic College, about 100 meters away from the Jharkhandi Ghat. The DM has appealed to the residents of Gaya district that those who are willing to go to Chhathvrati Jharkhandi Ghat, they can offer "Arg" by visiting the new Chhath Ghat built in Ayurvedic College, 100 meters away from there.

    Maintaining law and order is Gaya during Chhath festival, administration's top priority: DM & SSP

    Dr Tayagrajan SM said that adequate force, magistrates, ambulances, medical teams and fire brigade have been deputed at all the Chhath Ghats and quick response teams have been formed near all the important Chhath Ghats.


    It was told in the meeting that from the point of view of security, temporary barricading has been done at all the ghats so that they do not go deep inside the watch tower and ghat.  Arrangements have also been made for changing rooms, CCTV cameras, control rooms, public toilets, etc. at very important ghats,added DM.


    In view of Chhath festival, the District Control Room is working 24 hours from October 29 to October 31, whose telephone number is 2222 253. Officers have been deputed in three shifts.


    Addressing the briefing, Senior Superintendent of Police Harpreet Kaur said that do not spread any rumors on any ghat, keep a close watch on it, keep a close watch on crowd control and smooth traffic arrangements, all officers should keep full focus on this, portable police officers on large and sensitive ghats.  


    While the Mic and wireless check machine is being provided so that you can do continuous miking from your level. She has directed all the station in-charges and senior police officers to conduct frequent foot patrolling in the ghats under their respective police stations, especially during the night period.

    During Suryakund inspection, she directed to further strengthen the bag cutting, he said that the divers and the STRF team should ensure that the team remains in constant movement.  Where did they take effective action for crowd control, keep separate entry and separate exit points.  

    During the inspection of Devghat, she instructed to get the barricading done in the river and barricading done with good quality till further time.  She said that adequate lighting arrangements should be made on both sides of the Falgu river. She said that this year Chhath festival will remain as a challenge due to the construction of Gayaji Dam.  

    Earlier, when there was no water in the river, Chhath devotees used to offer argha after coming down in the river, but this year people will give argha only at the ghat.  The entire system of crowd control has to be maintained properly. In the same sequence, SDRF team including boat and adequate number of divers should be present, ensure it at all costs.

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