• In Gaya, today, the DM and SSP inspected the preparations for the Ravana Dahan in Gaya

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Updated: Oct 5, 2022, 07:11 IST | 1664934088496
    In Gaya, today, the DM and SSP inspected the preparations for the Ravana Dahan in Gaya

    GAYA(Bihar): Joint briefing of deputed magistrates and police officers in the premises of Police Line Gaya regarding the organization of Ravan Dahan to be organized on the day of Vijayadashami, a peaceful and harmonious Vijayadashami, under the joint chairmanship of District Officer Dr. Thiagarajan SM and Senior Superintendent of Police Harpreet Kaur here on Tuesday. 
    They gave strict instructions to the organizer of Ravan Dahan and the Municipal Corporation to make adequate arrangements for lighting so that no person should have any problem of light in returning home after Ravan Dahan.  
    DM directed that every person should vacate the Gandhi Maidan premises by 5:30 pm, starting the Ravan Dahan program between 4:30 to 5:00 pm.
    He said that proper arrangements should be made for barricading and maintain proper administrative arrangements at all entry and exit gates also keep the PS system running in the Gandhi Maidan complex and near all the gates.
    While the Senior Superintendent of Police, Harpreet  Kaur gave strict instructions that the rioters would be closely monitored and they would not be spared under any circumstances.
    If any person tries to disturb the social fabric by spreading rumours, immediate action will be taken against such people/elements under Section 153-A and 505 of the Indian Penal Code. The Cyber ​​Cell, IT Cell and Social Media Wing of the district are keeping a special watch on Facebook, all WhatsApp groups, portals, web news and YouTube channels.
    After this, the District Magistrate and the Senior Superintendent of Police inspected the idol of Durga Mata near the Dukharni temple, which sit together with 5 idols, and gave many necessary instructions to the organizing committee and office bearers.

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