• DM inspected various Chhath Ghats today, necessary instructions were given to the concerned officials

    Written By Suresh Nikhar| Published on Oct 27, 2022, 18:04 IST | 1666874061539
    DM inspected various Chhath Ghats today, necessary instructions were given to the concerned officials

    GAYA(Bihar): On the occasion of Chhath festival, the great festival of reverence, devotion and faith, the important Chhath Ghats of Gaya district were inspected by District Magistrate Gaya, Dr. Thyagarajan SM. 

    First of all, he inspected the Chhath Ghat at Singra place and said that the road leading to Singra place from the police line should be leveled so that any devotee performing Chhath does not face any problem in coming and going.

    Along with this, he directed that all the hanging electric wires should be repaired by tomorrow. He directed the Municipal Corporation that along with the best arrangement for cleanliness, arrangements should also be made for adequate lighting.

    Clear the bushes at the marked place of parking for sisters and level them so that more number of vehicles can stop. In view of the deep water near the small culvert in Singra Asthan Chhath Ghat itself, he directed the building construction department to get the berry cutting done today so that no devotee can go into the deep water, along with that he said that the sub-divisional officer The places where drop gates are to be installed, in coordination with them, should be ensured to be installed by tomorrow.


    After this, Sita Kund Chhath Ghat was inspected and seeing a slight lack in the cleanliness system, the DM, reprimanding the officials of the Municipal Corporation, gave strict instructions that today the same way, the Chhath Ghat, where Arg is given in the Chhath festival from the east, if there is dirt anywhere, then today and tomorrow within 2 days.  

    Get yourself cleaned at all times and make sure that dirt is not found in any Chhath Ghat. He directed to get the moss on the stairs of Sita Kund cleaned today itself so that it does not get slippery.


    He said that the road should be made level today with the help of JCB machine. He directed the Disaster Officer and the Municipal Corporation to put up a red flag on the barricading in Sita Kund. While any ghat which still has dirt, should get the dirt cleaned within the remaining 2 days.

    He directed Executive Engineer BUDCO and Executive Engineer RCD to make GB Road and Koiriwari road mobile by coordinating among themselves.  Make a level by removing the debris lying on the road so that Chhath Vratis do not face any problem in walking.  

    He said that remaining 48 hours are left, while doing day and night, make the road mobile in view of Chhath festival.

    In view of the excessive water in Panchdev Ghat near Sita Kund, he directed that along with deputation of diver, barricading should be done firmly.

    After this Surya Pokhar Chhath Ghat Manpur was inspected.  During the inspection, he instructed that the road leading to the sun pond should be made flat. 


    In view of the idol immersion being done in Surya Pokhar today, he said that leaving one side of Surya Pokhar where immersion is taking place, clean the remaining three sides at a fast pace. He said that while increasing the number of laborers, the entire Chhath Ghat should be thoroughly cleaned. Make sure that there is no dirt anywhere.

    It was told by the local people that at present there is 7 to 8 feet deep water in Surya Pokhar.  He directed the Municipal Corporation to get the barricading done with rope today itself.  Along with this, while checking whether the high mast light, small light etc. are running or not, he asked to arrange more number of lights so that there is no shortage of light.

    During the inspection, Deputy Development Commissioner, SDO Sadar, Town DSP, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Gaya Municipal Corporation and other officials were present.

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