• DM and SSP, Gaya inspected various Chhath Ghats, gave instructions to the officials

    Written By Suresh Nikhar| Published on Oct 20, 2022, 17:57 IST | 1666268820783
    DM and SSP, Gaya inspected various Chhath Ghats, gave instructions to the officials

    GAYA(Bihar):  On the occasion of Chhath festival, a great festival of reverence, devotion and public faith, District Magistrate Gaya, Dr. Tyagarajan SM and Senior Superintendent of Police Harpreet Kaur jointly inspected an important Chhath Ghats on Thursday. 

    They first reached at Suryakund pond and inspected the all locations of the pond its surrounding areas and DM directed the Gaya Municipal Corporation to do barricating firmly and remove the moss from around the pond and also asked to spray bleaching powder.  

    He said that adequate lighting arrangements should be made around Suryakund area and also arrange the temporary cloth changing room, PA system, CCTV installation, construction of control room. Besides other necessary instructions have been given to the concern officials.  He assured that under no circumstances should any Chhath Vrati worship outside the baricating.  

    During the inspection of Suryakund Ghat, he directed that the entry and exit routes should be kept separate.  He directed the Officer-in-Charge District Disaster Branch to ensure that SDRF team along with boats should be made available at Suryakund.  District Disaster Officer informed that SDRF team will be present in Devghat and Surya Kund along with boat.

    Make all the roads coming to Surya Kund Ghat movable, if the road is bad anywhere, make it smooth immediately.  Keep adequate lighting arrangements in all the roads, along with this, pay special attention to the traffic system, prepare the route line from now on, added DM.


    DM and SSP, Gaya inspected various Chhath Ghats, gave instructions to the officials


     It was told by the local people that during the evening Arg, the maximum crowd will be in Suryakund .  In view of this, the District Magistrate directed to maintain all comprehensive arrangements and he clearly said that the dilapidated electrical wires or hanging wires should be repaired immediately,added DM.

    In the same sequence, they inspected Vishnupad Dev Ghat. He said that the pedestrian path from Steel bridge to Sitakund should be completely closed during Chhath festival. Along with this, he instructed to get barricading done on both sides of the river.  

    He directed the Municipal Commissioner Gaya Municipal Corporation that all the Chhath Ghats under the Municipal Corporation area should keep a complete arrangement for cleanliness in all the Chhath Ghats.

    Later on, Kendui Ghat was inspected and asked the members of the Chhath Puja committee present that a large number of people to keep it clean by their own efforts. He directed to clear the bushes that had grown for the vehicle halt.  It was told by the officials present that Chhath Vratis coming from far and wide offer Arghya to Lord Sun at this ghat.  

    The District Magistrate directed the Municipal Commissioner to make sloping and widening the way to Kendui Ghat by JCB machine.

    After this, Pita-Maheshwar Chhath Ghat was inspected, he instructed that the mass of Chhath Vratis should not have any problem in coming to said Ghat, saw that the path of Chhath Vratis coming and going should be kept separate by installing dividers.
    During the inspection, the District Officer directed the Sub-Divisional Officer Sadar and the Deputy Superintendent of Police to seal the shops by conducting raids on illegal firecracker vendors.  He said that any firecracker other than green cracker is completely banned.  Along with this, crackers will be used only from 8:00 to 10:00 in the night.  After this, penal action will be taken for using firecrackers, all the concerned officials should ensure it in their respective areas.  During the inspection, Deputy Development Commissioner, Additional Collector Revenue, SDO Sadar, Town DSP, District Supply Officer, District Disaster Officer, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Gaya Municipal Corporation and other officials were present.

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