• Cyber- crime awareness programme held by Mahila police station in Gaya

    Written By Suresh Nikhar| Published on Nov 2, 2022, 16:15 IST | 1667385957148
    Cyber- crime awareness programme held by  Mahila police station in Gaya

    Gaya(Bihar): The Mahila police station SHO organised a cybercrime awareness programme at the premises of Mahila police station, Chandauti Gaya here on Wednesday.
    These programmes were organised with the motive of generating awareness among vulnerable age groups about ill effects of Cyber Crime and to seek cooperation of the society in eradicating the social evils prevailing in the society.
    Interacting with the residents, included women of the surrounding localities, Mahila police station SHO Ravi Ranjana said fraudsters were now switching over to duping people through online mode and cases were increasing everyday due to lack of awareness among the public.
    “Do not be complacent. Fraudsters target your weakness and rob you. Do not get into friendship with strangers or suspicious persons on social media platforms, ”she said, adding that the Mahila police here have holding such programmes every time across all police stations to create awareness about cybercrime.
    As per information provided by SHO Ravi Ranjana, It has been ordered by the Police Headquarters that all the police stations of the district will organize Cyber ​​Awareness Day by visiting their respective schools and colleges on the first Wednesday of the month.  
    On this occasion, Ravi Ranjana interacted with local people from nearby areas and were invited and told how we are reaching new heights of success by entering the digital world. In same sequence, due to lack of information, we are also becoming victims of cyber crime. 
    Giving information on above said subject, Mahila Police Station SHO Ravi Ranjana shared his views and told how we know that we are becoming victims of cyber crime. Importantly of which she pointed out that first you do not try to share your personal information with anyone on social media. Secondly the ATM is your personal property, don't give it to anyone and do not write the ATM password on the cover of the ATM.
    You please put a lock or password on your phone and don't let any unknown person use your phone.However you shouldn't click on any unknown link and keep bluetooth and internet off when not needed.When you don't have needy, keep the laptop or desktop camera turned off too.
    Interacting with the residents, SHO Ravi Ranjana shared her views among the women who were present on the occasion she said keep alway an eye on the activities of the children, if the child is getting irritated by taking the mobile, then you see what the children are watching on the mobile.
    She alerted among the women she asked do not share your OTP with anyone and do not share objectionable photos and DPs on social media and even don't even share current status on social media and also do not receive video call from unknown person. Don't forget to press cancel button after withdrawing money from ATM,added Ravi Ranjana. 
    If we keep all these important things in mind, then we can get rid of cyber crime, information is the only defense, further said SHO.

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