• "Cyber ​​Crime Causes and Safety" in the auditorium of Gautam Buddha Women's College a seminar was organized on the topic

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Jan 25, 2023, 19:22 IST | 1674654751719
    "Cyber ​​Crime Causes and Safety" in the auditorium of Gautam Buddha Women's College a seminar was organized on the topic

    GAYA: In view of National Girl Child Day, a seminar was organized on the topic "Cyber ​​Crime Causes and Safety" in the auditorium of Gautam Buddha Women's College here on Wednesday. 
    Inauguration of the programme by Principal Prof. Ashraf and President of Bharat Vikas Parishad and programme coordinator- cum- former principal of the college, Prof. Shanti Singh,and Chief guest, Mahila police officer in Charge, Ravi Ranjana jointly lit up the traditional lamp collectively.
    After paying floral tributes on the pictures of Bharat Mata and Swami Vivekananda and singing Vande Mataram, Principal Prof. Ashraf welcomed all the guests by presenting the college's research and creative magazine "Garima".
    Addressing the programme, Mahila SHO Ravi Ranjana said that if a fake account is created, Aadhaar and the link should be made available to the Mahila police station. With the closure of your account, it will also be known which criminal has created it.
    SHO, Raviranjana said appropriate things through the organized cyber crime awareness. She said that social site companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. also give information about which mobile number has been registered and from which IP address the social account is being operated. Just like a criminal creates a fake account in 2 minutes, in the same way it gets closed in 2 minutes, but the creator has to face career and social loss within the purview of the law and creating a fake account is a crime,added SHO.
    In the same sequence of her speech Raviranjana said on the occasion that social sites become a topic of discussion where you have to face loss emotionally.In the virtual world of internet, what it seems is not what it is and this is the reason why people are easily falling prey to phishing and spoof techniques.
    Ravi Ranjana said that download any app carefully because many apps access your location, contact number, photo gallery, so that hackers can control your mobile and blackmail you.
    She also said that many apps now give 3,000 to 10,000 loans immediately, in which youths get trapped and become victims of blackmail, triple the amount is demanded after a week.
    "Skimmer" in banking fraud and how to avoid banking fraud, he also threw light on that and Chrome and your phone's CDR keeps your location every moment, so avoid chatting with unknown people,added SHO.
    She said that always take care of your privacy, many times we believe in love affair so much that we share our photos on video call or like this and have to face viral.
    She further said that when you make a video call, 90% of the people take screen shots! Such people are mental patients and blackmailers! She said that at the age of 18, the freedom of relationship is in our law, but even today the society does not see the relationship with a good eye, it is better to focus on the career.
    She said that before using the internet, think about what positive research we have to do, many times people use the phone overnight and in the coming day, with headache, eye problems even memory starts getting weak.
    The world is incomplete without smart phone but its wrong use can ruin your life and career and instead of shedding tears, be a brave daughter and do something for your society and country. Along with Poxy, she also informed about the law related to many women.

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