• Bioinformatics holds enormous promises for the cure of Diabetes, Dr. Reddy

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Nov 23, 2022, 17:25 IST | 1669204549923
    Bioinformatics holds enormous promises for the cure of Diabetes, Dr. Reddy

    GAYA(Bihar): Computer- aided drug design methods, briefly called as CADD methods have huge potential for the cure of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, AIDS and many infectious diseases in view of Prof. M. Rami Reddy, pioneer in drug discovery technologies and chairman of Rational Labs Inc., San Diego in California. Prof. Reddy was speaking in an impact lecture organised by the Dept. of Bioinformatics of Central University of South Bihar (CUSB).
    CUSB Public Relation Officer (PRO) Md. Mudassir Alam said that the impact lecture was organised as per the direction and guidance of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Kameshwar Nath Singh. CADD methods are a kind of magic bullet for discovering novel drugs. In a case study on Diabetes, Dr. Reddy said that he could easily transform a failed molecule into a success story at Metabasis Therapeutic Inc, San Diego, which otherwise is hard to imagine.
    Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Reddy said that CADD methods have a lot to offer for easy solutions for diseases. CADD methods are an important approach within the interdisciplinary Bioinformatics subject, which require basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics. Students and researchers gathered first-hand experience from his talk, where he discussed at length a case study of the discovery of a new class of clinical candidates for type-2 diabetes using a Fructose bisphosphatase enzyme as a target. He further elaborated that while working on a project to develop defense against AIDS during early 90s at Pfizer, how he applied his computational chemistry skills to develop a clinical candidate, which subsequently got the approval of FDA and later became a blockbuster drug, Viracept. 
    Earlier introducing him to the audience, Prof. RS Rathore of Bioinformatics department said Dr. Reddy is an author of several patents, publications and books including one popular text book on Free Energy Simulation. He is widely acknowledged as a scientist for developing a highly accurate Quantum mechanics- based CADD Technology. He said that Bioinformatics skills are most sought after in the Pharma sector in the USA and there is rapidly growing interest in India too. Dr. Asheesh Shanker, Head, Dept of Bioinformatics, presented the memento to the speaker and concluded the event. which was attended by Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Dr. Krishna Kumar Ojha, Dr. Durg Vijay Singh, Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh, Dr. Anil Kumar, faculties, students and research scholars of many other departments.

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