• 53 coaches of goods train derailed at Dhanbad- Gaya route, no casualties reported

    Written By Suresh Nikhar| Published on Updated: Oct 26, 2022, 10:01 IST | 1666758700341
    53 coaches of goods train derailed at Dhanbad- Gaya route; no casualties reported.

    GAYA(Bihar): Fifty two coaches of a goods train of UP line were derailed near Gurpa railway station on the Dhanbad  to Gaya junction (DHN-Gaya) rail route on Wednesday. However, no casualties were reported in the incident.

    Railway officials reached at the spot after a goods train derailed at Dhanbad-Gaya route, Synopsis, said railway sources.

    The incident took place around 5 am near the Gurpa station in Bihar's Gaya at the Dhanbad- Gaya rail route. The operations at both the tracks on the Dhanbad- DDU rail section of Howrah-New Delhi have been stalled.

    Sources said that 53 coaches of UP line a goods train derailed on the Dhanbad- Gaya rail route at around 6.30 am near the Gurpa station (Gaya district of Bihar) of Dhanbad-Gaya rail route," Indian Railway DRM Dhanbad informed.

    Rail sources said that a coal-laden goods train derailed near Gaya's Gurpa station and in the sequence 53 goods train coaches hot overturned.While laden coal on the coaches got deposited on the track.  Not only this, the accident was so severe that even the wheels of many bogies were broken and scattered on the track.


    53 coaches of goods train derailed at Dhanbad- Gaya route; no casualties reported.

    Both the UP and DN route of Gaya-Dhanbad railway line was completely disrupted due to the accident.

    Local people say that this incident happened on Wednesday morning.The coal laden goods train was coming from Koderma station side.  Meanwhile, an accident happened on the Dhanbad-Gaya railway line.  It is being told that the brakes of the goods train failed while passing through the ghat section till 18 KM.  

    Due to the high slope, the speed of the goods train was got so high. While the goods engine's driver tried a lot to reduce the speed of the train but failed and resulted Goods train derailed near Gurpa station.

    Several electric poles on the side of the railway track were broken.  According to the local people, there were a total of 58 bogies included engine and 6 bogies are in good condition after the accident.  While the remaining 52 bogies were damaged. Fortunately, the locopilot and guards narrowly survived the accident.

    Here, as soon as the information was received, senior police officers and security personnel reached the spot.  Railway workers are busy in removing the goods train from the railway track while the villagers have gathered after the accident.  At present, the traffic on Dhanbad-Gaya rail section is completely stalled.


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