• 50 government schools in Gaya to be made upgraded as model schools

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Feb 3, 2023, 10:34 IST | 1675400687894
    50 government schools in Gaya to be made upgraded as model schools

    GAYA: In order to improve the education system in Gaya district, the government schools in Gaya district will soon be taken initiative by the district administration like private schools, for this the district administration has started work on a big action plan. 
    The students of government high schools will soon attend smart classes in Gaya. In a bid to develop upgraded high schools into model schools, the district education department has prepared a plan to provide necessary infrastructure in government schools also to make the students competent, said DEO Rajdeo Ram.
    He said, “As per the guidance of district magistate Dr Tayagrajan SM, two upgraded high schools have to be developed as model schools in each of the 24 blocks of the district. 
    Under this action plan, 2-2 schools from each block of the district and 2 schools in the Municipal Corporation area, thus selecting 50 government schools in total, are being developed as model educational institutions, added Raj Deo Ram.
    While talking to the News Root, DEO said that the objective of building a model school is that the dropout ratio will be reduced, the quality of education will be improved more rapidly, online education will be promoted, through projector best smart class, children will be provided with more detailed study facilities, computers Lab will also be established. Along with this, digital literacy will be promoted, added DEO Rajdeo Ram.
    While for in same sequence DM Gaya Dr. Thiagarajan SM has instructed the District Education Officer to develop the concerned schools on a war footing as model schools,said officials sources. 
    A total of 6 activity plans have been prepared to develop the model school, which include wall painting, computer lab, projector based smart class, state-of-the-art library, training of teachers and capacity building and evaluation of the project, said DEO.
    Gaya DM, Dr Tayagrajan SM said that this work has been started to improve the education system of government schools in Gaya district. He informed that a target has been set to take these 50 schools identified under this action plan, such as upgraded schools and upgraded and higher secondary schools, within the next three months in terms of education and other non- teaching activities.  
    The DM, Dr Tayagrajan SM said that this work will be completed in the form of a mission. For this, 02-02 schools of each block of the district have been selected. Through Bala Building Edge Learning Aid (BALA) in these model schools, colorful painting, scene and geometric shapes, letters and words and figures and social messages on walls, doors, stairs, etc. will be done in the premises and rooms.
    Projector-based smart classes and library facilities will also be provided to the students in these government schools, which are being established as ideal educational institutions, added DM. 
    He informed that 50 schools identified to be established as model educational institutions will be developed. Along with the painting of the building of these schools, it will be decorated and decorated in such a way, which will help in creating interest towards studies among the children there.  
    He also informed that all the class rooms of these schools would be made enjoyable included smart class and library facilities will also be made available in the schools. All necessary facilities will also be made available in these schools.
    Necessary training will also be given to the teachers of these model schools. The District Magistrate said that special training will be given to the teachers of these schools so that the students of these model schools get better and quality education. For this also instructions have been given to the District Education Officer to prepare an action plan, add Dr Tayagrajan SM.

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