• 4.5 kg gold worth Rs 2.8 crores seized from Gaya station, three arrested

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Dec 10, 2022, 16:54 IST | 1670671486364
    4.5 kg gold worth Rs 2.8 crores seized from Gaya station, three arrested

    GAYA(Bihar): The joint team of Railway Protection Force (RPF) of Gaya and DRI within the limits of Eastern Central Railway (ECR) recovered 4.5 kgs of gold worth Rs 2.58 crores from two different trains at Gaya railway station. 
    While talking to MI, S.C. Parhi, IG Hazipur, said that on December 9, officers and staff of RPF, Gaya, and DRI Patna jointly conducted raid in two trains included no.12379 Sealdah- Amritsar- Jallianwala Bagh and Sealdah- New Delhi-Hawarh Rajdhani Express at Gaya railway station headed by RPF Inspector Ajay Prakash on tip off and recovered 4.5 kg of gold biscuits from them.
    While Divisional security Commissioner, DDU Jethin B. Raj said that two passengers named Ashok Kumar and Praveen Kumar, both from Jharkhand were travelling in Sealdah- Amritsar-Jallianwala Bagh and one Sunil Kumar, who in Sealdah- New Delhi Hawarh Rajdhani Express and arrived at Gaya railway station.
    On scanning their baggage the officials observed dark images. On detailed inspection, altogether 4.5 kgs gold was found inside their luggage. 
    The total quantity of gold recovered was 4.5 kgs valued at Rs 2,57,76000.
    According to Senior DSC they apprehended two person namely, Ashok Kumar and Praveen Kumar, both the resident of Jharkhand while one other Sunil Kumar belonging to Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. 
    Later, with recovered items the apprehended person was sent to the custody of DRI Patna for further legal action. The value of the recovered gold is estimated Rs 2,57,76000 approx 
    RPF Inspector, Gaya Ajay Prakash said that a team of DRI, Patna comprising few officers and staff reached RPF post Gaya and share the intelligence input with RPF Gaya and requested for assistant to verify and work out the case accordingly, while both express arrived Gaya PF 01,late night on Friday- Saturday.
    The joint team of RPF Gaya and DRI Patna raided in coach and could be able to arrest three persons.
    Earlier in January 4, in two separate operations, illegal gold seized 6 kgs worth Rs 2.89 crore was seized at the Gaya railway station by the RPF sleuths and arrested two smugglers from 22912 up Howrah Indore Shipra express and train no 12311 Howrah Kalka Netaji express soon after it reached Gaya railway junction at platform no 1on January 4, added Inspector RPF Ajay Prakash.While 6 kg on 04.01.22, 02 persons were arrested, 1.5 kg on 16.01.22, one person was arrested,while one person was arrested with 1.5 kg gold on 23.02.22 and 1.981 kg on 30.06.22, three were detained. However one person arrested with 0.378 gms on 29.09.22, and two were arrested with 0.266 gms on 02.11.22, lastly 4.5 kg of gold biscuits were recovered on 09.12.22, and three persons taken in their custody. 
    The suspects had used various methods in an attempt to smuggle including concealment of gold inside a high-pressure foot pump in the check-in baggage, gold foils in chocolate wrappers, gold powder mixed with mud and paste to hoodwink officials, the Senior Divisional Security Commissioner of Rail, DDU Jethin B. Raj, 

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