• 4 held including a woman for kidnapping, killing Gaya's Tekari bricks businessman

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Nov 18, 2022, 09:09 IST | 1668742798512
    4 held including a woman for kidnapping, killing Gaya's Tekari bricks businessman

    GAYA(Bihar): Three days after a 32-year-old businessman from Tekari was abducted, the police on Thrusday arrested 4 persons including a woman for allegedly kidnapping, killing him, and his body was covered in nearby buses.

    City SP Ashok Prasad said here on press briefing at his office chamber that one Satish Kumar, a resident of Raniganj within limits of Tikari police station, was abducted him and later killing him. 

    On the basis of technical analysis, District Police has arrested both of them from Maniyar Bigha of Koch PS from his present resident Nandan Bigha in district Gaya. While accepting their crime in the course of interrogation, Manju Devi and Satish Mishra told the police that after killing Satish Kumar was hidden in the bushes of Kijarpan under the Badarpur police station.

    City SP Ashok Prasad said that the mastermind of the murder plot turned out to be his married girlfriend, who, along with her second lover, carried out the crime.  The married girlfriend was also upset with the fact that Satish Kumar, a brick kiln businessman, kept a bad eye on her daughter as well.Illicit love affair and greed for ransom became the reason for the incident, added City SP. 

    The involvement of 7 people has been found in this incident while so far 4 people have been arrested in the police action, including Manju Devi and her lover Satish Mishra, who created the entire planning. Apart from this, two more arrests have been made.  At the same time, the police has intensified raids to arrest three more people who are absconding.

    In this regard, City SP Ashok Prasad of Gaya said that on November 16, information was received about the kidnapping of brick kiln bussinessman Satish Kumar, a resident of Raniganj of Tikari police station. After this a special team was formed. When the team started research with the help of technical, it came to light that Satish Kumar had been the mastermind of the crime.  

    On November 15 itself, the incident of murder was carried out by calling him to the house of Manju Devi at post office and the same night the body was taken to Jhiktiya village under Arwal's Kinjar police station and buried.

    When the police strictly interrogated Manju Devi and her alleged lover Satish Mishra, all the things came to the fore.  After killing on the night of 15 itself, the dead body was taken to Arwal the same night and was buried. The murder has been committed in an illegal relationship only.  

    City SP Ashok Kumar told that Satish Kumar used to keep a bad eye on Manju Devi's daughter as well. 
    This upset Manju Devi and her second lover Satish Mishra, then they prepared the planning of the murder. The incident was executed according to the planning. 

    The matter of demanding ransom came to the fore. However, in the investigation of the police, it is coming to the fore that a huge amount of ransom was asked to divert the attention of the police from this incident.

    Police said that the Bolero vehicle used in the murder and three mobiles have also been seized. At the same time, raids are going on to arrest the three more criminals who are absconding. SDPO Tikari, Guraru Police Station President, Technical Cell, Panchanpur Police Station President etc. were included in the special team formed by the police in the disclosure of this incident.

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