• 4 cases of corona found in Bihar'Gaya, 3 England and one from Myanmar tourist

    Written By Suresh Prasad Nikhar| Published on Dec 26, 2022, 15:00 IST | 1672047021100
    4 cases of corona found in Bihar'Gaya, 3 England and one from Myanmar tourist

    GAYA(Bihar): Tibetan spiritual Buddhist leader Dalai Lama is on a one-month stay in Bodh Gaya and about one lakh foreign Buddhist devotees are expected to visit here during his stay in Bodh Gaya.  
    The process of arrival of foreign tourists is still going on. In such a situation, as a precaution, the Health Department has set up a rapid antigen test camp and center near Gaya Airport, Railway Station and Tibet Temple.  
    Here, during the investigation on Sunday, four people have been found infected with Corona Virus, while three people are from England and one is from Myanmar. As soon as this news came, there was a stir in the health department.
    RT, PCR test was done after 33 foreigners who reached Gaya complained of cold and cough, in which four reports have come to be infected with corona. All 33 passengers had arrived at Gaya Airport from Bangkok on 20 December. 
    Among the infected, three are residents of England, who have been home isolated by giving medical kits in a hotel in Bodh Gaya. There was a resident of Myanmar who has left for Delhi. After this news, the health department is fully alert.
    Civil surgeon Dr. Ranjan Kumar Singh said that in view of the increasing ill effects of the new variant of Corona, However Corona test is being on in two shifts at the airport and three shifts at the railway station.  
    Since a large number of foreign tourists are about to arrive after the arrival of the Dalai Lama and the process of their arrival has started and they are reaching here every day. 
    In view of this, 10 beds in Community Health Center of Bodh Gaya, the entire building of NMCH and 10 ICU beds of Gaya Sadar Hospital have been kept in reserve. At the same time, the Covid-19 Testing Center has been made functional.
    Let us inform that Tibetan spiritual Buddhist leader Dalai Lama is on around one-month stay in Bodh Gaya. His residence has been made in the Tibet temple. From 29th December to 31st December he will deliver lectures at Kalachakra Maidan in BodhGaya. Foreign tourists, Buddhist followers and Buddhist Lamas from more than 50 countries have registered online to attend his discourse. 
    In such a situation, in the discourse organized in Bodh Gaya regarding the new variant of Corona, advisory have been flowed by DM Dr. Thiagarajan SM to made the mask mandatory.

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